Upcoming Events:

Learning Object Summit : A Critical Examination

You are invited to attend and participate in a Learning Object Summit to be held in Fredericton , New Brunswick on Monday March 29 and Tuesday March 30, 2004.

The Summit will include papers and presentations from various leaders in the field of Learning Object Repositories and related topics. 

Participation will be face to face and via distance technology globally.   To  learn more please visit  http://www.learningobjectsummit.ca

Recent Presentations:

Third Pan-Canadian CANARIE E-learning Workshop

CANARIE's Third Pan-Canadian E-learning Workshop in Vancouver on January 12-13, 2004 was a great sucess. The Workshop was attended by approximately 320 people from across Canada as well as international attendees from Australia, Brazil, and Mexico.

Some of the presentations are currently captured at www.canarie.ca/elearning2004/presentations.



A repository differs from standard web materials by
providing teachers, students and parents with information
that is structured and organized to facilitate the finding
and use of learning materials regardless of their source location.

The eduSource project will be based on national and international standards; it will be fully bilingual; it will be accessible to all Canadians, including those with disabilities; and it will share and disseminate its findings with all of Canada.

We are grateful to CANARIE's Learning Program and the contributions of participating eduSource institutions for financial support of this project.

Primary Partners:

  • Athabasca University
  • Netera Alliance
  • New Media Innovation Centre
  • TÚléEducation NB
  • Télé-Université
  • University of Waterloo

Secondary Partners:

CANARIE Learning Program
The CANARIE Learning Program, a $25 million shared-cost funding initiative, was launched in September 1999. This competitive program was established with funding support from Industry Canada to encourage the development and use of broadband networks in education and training.