Typically, an educational object is created for the use of the creator and is not always extensible beyond the context for which it was produced. For example, a CD-Rom on geophysics may be designed for use in a specific course, but only parts of it will be useful elsewhere. The result is expensive, proprietary, platform specific and limited courseware and media that often lacks applicability to learner needs.

Content repurposing allows learning objects to become customizable and thereby promotes their reuse. Designing and developing educational material in a manner that allows the customization, editing and adaptability to learner needs is key to providing cost effective, sustainable, and high quality educational materials.

In this emerging field, eduSource will examine theory, models, and development tools for new educational media. This project joins others across the country looking at standardized ways to deliver, develop, and cost-effectively repurpose digital educational materials.


The Instructional Use of Learning Objects: Online Version

A new book with several excellent chapters on learning object construction and design.
Proving that there can be some humour in content re-use, David Wiley’s site presents his own highly lauded views on the subject.