Athabasca University
Netera Alliance
New Media Innovation Centre
TéléEducation NB
Technologies Cogigraph
University of Waterloo

British Columbia Institute of
Technology (BCIT)
Brock University
Canal Savoir

College of North Atlantic
École de technologie de l'information
e-Learning Research Group of NRC Institute for Information Technology
Future Learning Inc.
Holland College

Knowledge Pool Canada
L’Université de Moncton
Laval University
New Brunswick Community College
New Brunswick Department of Education (K-12 sector)
New Brunswick Department of Training and Employment Development
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)
Nova Scotia Community College
Ontario Co-operative Learning Object Exchange
Seneca College
Sheridan College
Simon Fraser University Surrey
(SFU Surrey)
TelesTraining Inc.
The Centre for Curriculum, Transfer and Technology (C2T2)
University of Alberta
University of British Columbia
University of Calgary - Learning Commons
University of Lethbridge
University of New Brunswick
Waterloo Maple Inc.

Primary Partners:
Athabasca University
Supporting distance education through the development and enhancement of online course delivery and educational projects. Supporting instructors as they strive for pedagogical excellence online. The AU team provides: pedagogical research support, project administration and management, database development, systems administration, and web/graphic design.
Netera Alliance is a not-for-profit corporation of universities, research institutions, government and small and large private-sector companies facilitating advanced information infrastructure in Alberta. It has offices in Calgary and Edmonton, and operates throughout the province.
Computer Scientists. Engineers. Artists. Designers. Social Scientists. Industry Leaders. Entrepreneurs. Academic Faculty. Students. NewMIC is where all these people come together research and develop the next generation of new media technologies, applications and services.

Technologies Cogigraph
COGIGRAPH Technologies INC ( TCI ) is a company created in January, 1999 by Télé-université with the aim to commercialize the products of its LICEF research centre, actually the most important research centre in Canada in the field of telelearning models, methods and systems.
TeleEducation NB
TeleEducation New Brunswick provides assistance in the development and delivery of distance education programmes. Access to distance learning is made possible within New Brunswick via a Shared Network of distance learning centres and globally via TeleCampus, a comprehensive directory of online courses.

University of Waterloo
The University of Waterloo is consistently rated as one of Canada's most innovative research universities, with a tradition of leadership in new
learning approaches and in technology development. The Centre for Learning and Teaching Through Technology is a strategic innovation unit serving the university community as a focal point for e-learning. Waterloo is the lead partner in the development of faculty/teacher communities to support collaborations in learning objects.